Everyone has been touched by Cancer. Through family, friends, coworkers or acquaintances. It invades without discrimination, so it's time to turn the tables. Help invade cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. Over 50% of the proceeds from all sales go directly to CCS to support the cause.

Unite in the fight. #WEWILLWIN

Unite in the fight. #WEWILLWIN

If you need anything designed, printed or manufactured we're your “One-Stop” shop to execute and deliver your creative vision. We can help you learn more about NAFTA friendly goods, Fair Labor Accredited Goods, and everything you need to know about what you’re wearing and where it’s from.

Peace and Cotton is a Custom Center for the most ethically & environmentally made and delivered blank and printed garments North America has to offer. We constantly strive towards the goal of fully sustainable clothing and we're honest about what we promise and always over-deliver on our goods.

We've spent over 9 years developing different types of washes and dyeing procedures; familiarizing ourselves with the highest quality garments available. We produce our own house line of clothing and we distribute select brands from all over the continent.


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