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Meet Jeremy

10 years ago, Jeremy Panda was playing competitive pool, finishing a philosophy degree, and bartending. Sounds pretty normal for a young Canadian, and it was. However Jeremy was never one to follow the crowd and craved more for his career. A true entrepreneur at heart, Jeremy knew he had to gain more experience in the world of business if he wanted to be his own boss. He used bartering as a way to network with other businessmen, and after several conversations and serving many (many) pints, he met a man who owned 35 sunglass outlets across Canada. Jeremy knew at that moment that this man would be the perfect mentor. Soon after meeting him, Jeremy began assisting in his shop, and soon after that he was running his company. A year later he moved to the Maritimes to open his own outlets in Halifax, Moncton and Saint John, eventually returning to Toronto and opening additional locations in Kingston and Guelph.

Now equipped with the know hows and true understanding of what it meant to manage successful retail operations, Jeremy knew he could turn his passion and knowledge of fashion into a successful enterprise. It was in his first clothing shop in Little Italy that Jeremy discovered a love for being on the street level, face to face, meeting everyone in the community. Within a year he had done over 100k in print sales, and soon a commercial printer in Etobicoke hired Jeremy to run their shop. In just two years, Jeremy took their shop from losing 180k a year to earning a million.

Right around that time, Jeremy had visited Longbeach in California where he discovered all the U.S. clothing that wasn't offered in Canada. He wanted to change that.

Peace and Cotton was born.

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