What Makes Us Different

Peace and Cotton is not just another T-Shirt shop

Unlike most custom apparel companies, we like to make everything right here in Canada whenever we can. We usually work from our home base in Ontario in a great mill north of the city. We select the yarn and the weight of the fabric, and off to the races we go.

If we don't mill the materials ourselves, we source it in Canada, The United States, or Mexico, all under the North American Free Trade Agreement. If we need to go overseas for our materials, we always make sure the goods are Fair Labour Accredited.

Get In Touch

Want to book an appointment, get a quote, or just have a question? We're all ears.

You can phone us at 416.347.9540/a>, email us at pandanorobots@peaceandcottonnorobots.com, or fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.