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About Us

At Peace and Cotton we believe in the collaborative process. Together, we have established a carefully selected artistic team of experts who are here to design and print your creative visions on any material you can think of.

sold 10m+ units of merchandise and apparel

coordinated 500+ live events around the globe

managed 5k+ clients with various sizes and needs

a message from our founder

As a kid I always wanted to be a rock star. My father was a nuclear physicist who came here from a small village in India and studied at Oxford in London and the University of Toronto. My mother is an artist, author and retired teacher. The blend of reason and passion as equals has been a driving force to keep an open mind with the people I meet along my own journey.

Being a facilitator of the arts and creative pursuits has been my life's work. I studied Cultural Theory in The Fine Arts and Jazz Performance in Toronto 20 years ago and developed a fascination for people when I first moved to Toronto from the small rural town I grew up in. Music was my love for so long but it wasn't enough for me as I've just been so obsessed with so many different trades, processes and being able to zoom in and zoom out at the micro and macro elements that make up the nuances of our trade, the industries that inhabit our world, the creative projects and intentions and the human beings that we welcome with a completely open and unbiased mind.

I have three kids and a wife, who is much smarter than me. Erin is a cognitive neuroscientist and an associate professor and these fine folks keep me on track and my priorities straight, as my own folks did when I was a kid.

This has become my mantra over the last year or two.

If you are like me and want to express, create, innovate and proclaim divergent thought and evolve, grow and contribute to the beauty, as chaotic as it may contend, then send us a note. And thanks for making something beautiful with us!

meet our team

Alex Carre

Printer | Photographer 


Baylee Bonnell

Digital Print Lead


Devon Mackinnon

Screenprinting Lead


Jeremy Panda

Owner | Founder


Keagan Kruger

Art Director | Graphic Designer


Mark Froud

Spence aka Mutant101®

Creative Director | Analog & Digital Artist | @mutant101

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