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Custom Merch

We make beautiful!

We will execute your vision alongside you with competence, efficiency and the utmost consideration for your creative intention.

We also offer creative and graphic design, brand consultation and shipping / fulfillment services at every stage of the process.


Screenprint is like getting a tattoo on fabric


Embroidery is like painting with a needle and thread

DTG (direct to garment)

Instead of printing on paper, Direct to Garment is like printing on clothes

Digital Transfers

Digital transfers are like stickers for your clothes


Sublimation is like dying your hair; the colours become one with the fabric and won't peel off


Labels are like decorations for your clothes and patches are like 3D stickers

Don't have your graphics or branding materials created yet?

No problem!

We can help you build from the ground up!

not sure what print method you need?

Chat with us

A big THANK YOU for the hustle and work you put into assisting me with the many projects we have worked on together! I really appreciate your team's hard work to ensure timely delivery and precision decoration quality. You really go above and beyond my expectations.Knowing that I don't have to worry over small details really makes my life easier and I am so glad that I have a dependable decoration partner

- Doug - Granite Club